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Reality Checked is a creative based in Portugal, experienced in a grand variety of design, like graphic design, illustration, and photomanipulation – to name a few. It all started as a seal of quality for hobbyist projects in 2013, but has since then grown to be an objective, an achievement to some.

After years of experience with already known and newcoming companies, it has established a memorable presence in past clients. Whilst there are many factors that induce the creative process, a fact is that our objective is to be able to express what is desired at its fullest potential. The essence of art can truly strengthen your business, therefore it’s a key to success.




Brand Identity

Edigespor Construção, Lda.

Brand Identity

Sofelco – Sociedade Felgueirense de Construção, Lda.

Brand Identity

Nihilism Productions

Brand Identity Proposal / Illustration

Termopainel Colombia S.A.S.

Catalogue Design


Brand Identity Proposal

The Vacant Band

Brand Identity

Irmatim & Irmalex

Brand Identity Proposal


Brand Identity

Babcock Motors

Brand Identity Concept

Out Of The Box Design

Brand Identity


Branding and Graphics Consulting


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